Jennifer aka: Maverick (Mav) (madrigalist) wrote in operaghost,
Jennifer aka: Maverick (Mav)

In Which Erik is Polishing His Pearls.

I came on line to post my Missing Monday blog about those snippets and ideas  not in MADRIGAL as I promised my readers only to discover that Crankyphantom is as usual--cranky.

Erik seriously need morning java. Although I do adore his latest post. Can Erik be 'sweet?'  Can I call him that this AM?   Seems he got curious about my book.... and is reading it. I should be worried. This new Erik on the net is---well---cranky. Lovely post though. I am raising my coffee in his direction!

Anyway: Missing Monday's on my blog: In Which Erik is Polishing his Pearls
And CrankyPhantom's. Leave him questions to answer, if you are brave:

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